Intelligent Transportation Society of the National Capital Region

ITS Progress in the District of Columbia

  • District Department of Transportation started construction of fiber optic networks along freeways (e.g., I-395, I-295 and I-695). The total length of the freeway fiber cables is about 16 miles. After completion of this project, the new fiber networks will become DDOT's backbone for data communications between the field ITS devices and the Traffic Management Center. 
  • District Department of Transportation recently installed 22 IP cameras and 56 vehicle detection stations on freeways for traffic operations and event management. All these new ITS devices have been integrated into the Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS). These cameras and vehicle detectors are used to monitor the roadway conditions and detect traffic incidents. 
  •      ITS Updates in the Nation

    • The United States Department of Transportation’s (USDOT’s) Accessible Transportation Technologies Research Initiative (ATTRI) Program is leading efforts to develop and implement transformative applications to improve mobility options for all travelers, particularly those with disabilities. USDOT has awarded six applications development funding for Wayfinding and Navigation, Pre-trip Concierge & Virtualization, and Safe Intersection Crossing, with NIDILLR awarding a grant in the Robotics and Automation technology area. Read More »